15 Ways to Treat Yourself for Under $15


You’re working hard! I see you out there hustling and grinding and showing up everyday trying to figure this life and career stuff out! You deserve a break. The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive to enjoy a little luxury in your in life.

Check out these 15 ways to treat yourself for under $15…


1. Take Luxurious a Bath

I love baths, in fact, I have gotten in the habit of taking one just about every Sunday. Treat yourself to a beautiful bath bomb, oil or fancy scrub, you can find many luxurious products to splurge on for under $15. Next, make yourself some tea or grab a glass of wine, set up some relaxing music and soak in peace. Ahhhhh….


2. Get a Manicure

There is nothing better than having nicely manicured nails! As much as I love the experience of a manicure and the look of freshly painted nails, I often skip this luxury because, well, let’s face it, it’s a luxury and the cost adds up each week. If you need a pick me up for under $15 get yourself to the nail salon and enjoy this service. And listen up fellas - this one is not just for the ladies! Don’t knock it til you try it!


3. Have a Fancy Picnic

Pack up a cute basket full of yummy cheeses, crackers, wine and chocolates and head out to the wilderness or a grassy park. Picnicking like an aristocrat with real dishes and wine glasses is certainly a treat and a worthwhile venture!


4. See a Matinee

Going to the movies in the morning or early afternoon is so fantastic! It’s my prefered time of day to hit the theater and good news - it’s significantly cheaper than going at night! Is there an artsy foreign film you have been considering, a musical or documentary that interests you? Pick something and get to the theater early, you won’t be sorry!


5. Visit a Museum

While museums are relatively inexpensive and sometime free they sure have a way of making me feel smart and sophisticated. Look around for places that are showing exhibits for a limited time and be a part of the cultural current affairs in your area.


6. Just Order Dessert

Is there a spectacular new restaurant that you’ve been dying to try? Maybe it’s difficult to get reservations, or maybe the prices are out of this world. Why not meet a friend and just order dessert and coffee. You can experience all the glamour of a beautiful eatery without the cost. And if you’re willing to make your reservation for 9pm or later you will have a much greater chance of getting seated even at the swankiest of places.


7. Go to a Winery

Wineries are fun places to hang out at - they give you free wine! They’re also full of history and the feeling of old world charm. Most places offer free or extremely inexpensive tastings and tours. After you sample all the goods buy a $15 bottle of something you enjoyed and sip the rest of the afternoon away.


8. Buy Fresh Flowers

What’s better than seeing a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers on your night stand or kitchen table! I love fresh flowers and did you know that you can buy an amazing bushel of floral goodies for under $15 at places like farmers markets or local farms. It’s worth the trip and will cost you a fraction of what you’ll pay a florist.


9. Visit a Local Bookstore and buy a New Book

There is something about cracking into a brand new book that feels oh so good! And visiting a local book store feels good too! The smell, the atmosphere, the books! This is one of my favorite experiences. You already know you can get any book you want from Amazon, but it will be a mystery to see what you walk out of an actual brick and mortar book shop with and well worth $15 or less.


10. Spa Day (at Home)

Spa days are expensive - but you can create your own at home for practically nothing. Google some recipes for face scrubs or masks. Create essential oil hair masks or body scrubs. It’s really quite easy to do and with very little cost you can pick up fruits, veggies, salts, sugars and oils to come up with some amazing creations. Get the robe and fuzzy slippers out and rejuvenate yourself!


11. Crystals

What do you know about crystals? One thing you should know is that they’re not expensive. You could buy a nice little crystal for under $15. Google their different healing properties and find one that speaks to you. Many people use crystals in meditation, yoga or prayer. And did you know you can use crystals as an addition to beauty products! There is a great book on this topic called Elemental Energy, by Kristin Petrovich, she is the creator of the Sjal Skincare Company. You should check it out if this interests you.


12. Take a Nap

Treat yourself to some down time with a nap. Don’t feel guilty! Make it purposeful, get comfy, set up your couch or bed just right, plan the details exactly how you’d like and nap. It’s free yet oh so valuable.


13. Catch Some Live Music

Many local restaurants and bars feature live music. Find some place that has a low key vibe, grab a friend and go have a drink or two while enjoying the tunes. Why not look for a genre that offers an extra dose of glamour, like Jazz or a solo pianist. (Think City of Stars!)


14. Eat Gourmet S'mores

When was the last time you built a bonfire and roasted s’mores? Those yummy little graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate goodies that we love! If you’re going to make this a treat then do it right. Buy high quality graham crackers and rich chocolate to make your s’mores out of this world - honestly there is a huge difference when you do this! Gazing into the fire while eating a gourmet s’more is a treat like no other. You may just have to try it to believe me!


15. Go for a Hike or Visit the Beach

A day spent outdoors can be so invigorating and it’s usually free or next to free to hike some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth! Seek out scenic overlooks, find trails that intrigue you and go hiking. You will feel refreshed after you connect with nature and treat yourself to some solitude.



However you decide to treat yourself please be sure you actually do it! Allowing yourself time to indulge can really help refresh and awaken your creative genius. Ultimately it will help you get clarity on what you really want out of life and your career...and that my friends, is worth way more than $15.


Thanks for reading!