The Universe sent a purple car!

Have you ever asked the Universe to send you a sign? Maybe for you it’s not the Universe, but a sign from God, or the Divine or whatever you choose to believe in or call that higher power. Have you ever asked for a sign to know if you were on the right path and making the right decision? I have, but only recently and it worked!

I have been contemplating many different things lately, professionally. Everyone says, you need to have a passive income product! You need to sell people things! You need to do work up front and continue to reap the financial rewards over and over again! Well, I can understand this concept, it makes perfect sense, but I’ve been struggling with how to aligned this to who I want to be as an entrepreneur. With what my values are. The most common things that I see many people selling are things that I am comfortable giving away for free. Like free audio or video trainings or other tips, tools or resources. I have been thinking of what might really add value for my clients and what product and/or service might I feel will truly serve them in a way that is aligned to who I am and how I want to run my business.

So while listening to a guided meditation one evening, I heard the concept of asking the Universe for a sign. Now, I’ve heard this before, for years, but I never really took it serious or tried it in the past. I thought now was the time! Why not?

I have one idea as it relates to what I want to create in my business that just keeps naggining in the back of my mind. One tricky entrepreneurial bridge to cross and I’m just not sure if I should attempt crossing it or not. So, I asked the Universe to send me a sign indicating I should go for it.  

A purple car.

I meditated on this thought and set a clear intention, if I was to go for this idea in question then the Universe would have to show me a purple car and that’s how I would know it was meant to be.

You can imagine over the next couple days as I drove around my eyes were darting through every lane of traffic and every parking lot I passed scanning for that purple car. With every burgundy or maroon car that I saw I thought, well that’s kind of purple, right? But I was not willing to accept kind of. I needed that purple car to know for sure!

A day passed, no purple car, the following day my eyes searched a little less, but still no purple car. Then a third day and by the fourth day I kind of forgot about the intention I set, the meditation and the request of the Universe to show me a sign that I was doing the right thing.

Five days later, it had completely left my mind.  I was home alone and made myself an iced coffee...yum. While I was walking back through the house to head upstairs to my office I stopped to pick up a match box car on the floor that I hadn’t noticed prior to then. I knelt down, grabbed the car and as I flipped it over in my hand and realized in that moment what it was, I shouted out loud, “A purple car!”. I was never so happy to pick my kids crap up off the floor! The Universe sent me my sign.

I’m not sure why my kids decided to take out their match-box cars earlier that week, after having left them dormant in a cabinet for nearly 6 months. I’m not sure why after they cleaned them all up that only one did not make it back in the case. I am not sure why the one car left behind happened to be the only purple car in their collection.

But what I am sure of, is that I should cross that entrepreneurial bridge I was talking about earlier.  

That is pretty clear.