The 10 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions & Exactly How to Answer


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Besides being a Certified Professional Coach with countless hours of training on all things motivation and career coaching, I also have more than a decade of experience in Corporate America, specifically in Management and Human Resources Leadership roles, where I have interviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of people. (Ugggh! I know, someone please pour me another glass of wine!)


The good news - I understand what it takes to nail an interview! Both from the perspective of the job applicant and the interviewer and I’m happy to share with you the best possible answers to the most frequently asked questions that I’ve either heard, or wish I’d heard, in an interview.


You want to know what the #1 most frequently asked interview question is...drum roll please!


So, tell me about yourself?


Yup, this is the number one asked interview question. It’s also one of the most dreaded! It can be hard to sum up your whole self in a couple minutes, or to even guess what the interviewer wants to know, but the good news is you this question is coming so let’s be ready for it!


Here's how... 


Your answer should be under 2 minutes. You should highlight a little about your current role, a little about what you have done in the past and then touch on why this makes you equipped for the position you’re interviewing for and what you desire in the future.

Another way to look at it is by structuring your answer using 3 things - who you are, your career highlights and why you’re interviewing.


Here’s an example:

“I’m a marketing director with 6 years of experience working at the coca-cola company. During that time I have managed the company's 3 largest print campaigns and created the number one viral ad campaign the company has ever seen.

Prior to that I worked for a tech startup, where as you can imagine, I did a little of everything! However what I was most passionate about was using my marketing degree to create virtual campaigns which were used on social platforms. At the time this was an emerging tactic and it was very exciting to be exploring uncharted territories.

While I’ve loved the work I’ve done in the past, I’m ready to take on new challenges in the future and am interested in doing work where I can use my digital marketing skills to test new concepts. That’s what brought me here today! I’m so excited about the concept design position at your agency.”


Practice what you want to say, test out different combinations and ways to flow your key points. They are going to ask you this question and with a little preparation you will be super prepared to answer it!


Common Mistakes…

-Saying, “What do you want to know?”

-Referring to your resume or assuming the interviewer has even read it! (they often don’t)

-Acting too stiff! This is your chance to be very natural, add humor, add personality.

-But don’t get too personal - remember they’re asking about your professional self.



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