Are Other People Just Luckier Than You?


Here’s a true story…


During a recent conversation with my Aunt, someone I admire very much, I was told that having talent and practicing your craft is not enough to become successful.


She’s a talented musician, but also has a day job. She told me that many really successful people just get lucky and that doing work that one loves is a novel idea, but only lucky people get to actually do it. Basically, it’s a crap shoot!


This is a reoccuring theme in my life lately, people telling me all the reasons why they can’t do what they want to do. Why they can’t be successful, all the things that are stacked against them. It’s as if people want to challenge my optimistic viewpoint or prove me wrong by stating everything that’s standing in their way rather than looking for the resources available to them.


The good news is this kind of dialogue, when had with the right people, is fun! So I welcome the opposing viewpoints and the lively conversation :)


I asked my Aunt what proof she had that her theory on success was true? She told me of a famous singer, (I can’t remember who it was at the moment!) who took his demo tape to Nashville a couple different times and just handed it out to people on the street and viola! He got signed for a record deal and became a rich and famous musician.


I heard this story about the “lucky” singer and asked her a question. “How many times have you taken your demo tape to Nashville?”


If you guessed zero, you’d be correct. In fact, there is no demo tape created. There was a reason for that. It’s expensive to create one! And that may be true, so I asked how many Youtube videos she currently had posted and how often she played her music on her Facebook page? I reminded her how “lucky” Justin Bieber was to be discovered on Youtube. And yes, I agree there is some luck to it all, but you can’t get discovered if you aren’t out there. You can’t make your dreams come true if you aren’t telling the Universe what they are!


I believe in luck, I actually consider myself to be an incredibly lucky person, but I believe in creating one's own luck too.


There is something to be said for declaring what you want and taking real actions to achieve it.


Does that mean you'll become the next Bieber, maybe not, but maybe you will! I just can’t help thinking there’s always a chance. :)


I’m reminded of a Zig Ziglar quote, “Positive thinking won’t let you do anything, but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”


So I bring you this friendly reminder that germinated from a conversation with my incredible Aunt… Be brave enough to ask for what you want, be bold enough to create your own luck and be wise enough to know what’s meant to be will be.


Now, I’d love to hear from you! Do you believe in luck? Leave a comment below and let me know where you stand on the topic.


Thanks for reading!