The Best Investment You Can Make in Your Career!

Let’s face it, over the course of your lifetime you will be working a lot, a whole heck of a lot! This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, my hope is that you’re able to find your passion, do work that matters and make an impact on your life, your family and the world through your work!


Life is too short to hate your job, right!


According to the bureau of labor and statistics your career will likely span 50 years, and you’ll change jobs up to 11 times!


With stats like that it’s easy to say that investing in your career is worth while, but sadly many people are too busy caught up in the actual rat race to pause and reflect on it.


Periodically taking time to evaluate where you are and where you want to go on this career journey of yours is a helpful way to get ahead.


If you want to have a fulfilling career you need to utilize the two most important resources you have...Time and Money.


Yup, these are incredibly valuable resources you can use to improve your chances of having the career of your dreams. Your development is not just the responsibility of your company, you owe it to yourself to spend time improving your skills, getting clarity on what it is you want to do next and learning new and innovative ways to work.


So let’s talk about how to best invest in your own career using your time and your money.


The first resource is TIME


You can spend your time several different ways. By working endlessly long hours, by being at the office 24/7 or by spending entirely too much time being distracted by checking emails, surfing the web, Facebook, etc. can spend your time bringing more balance to your work life, learning new things, getting certifications and further education, or any other productive way that allows you work smarter not harder.


The choice is yours, but I highly recommend when it comes to your career you use your time wisely. Your odds of finding more meaningful career opportunities in your future will be greatly improved if you have invested time in career development.


(If you're interested here's a link to an incredible audio training I created that can help you start investing in your career right now! It's totally free and only 20 minutes long. This will really help you get started on turning goals into reality. Check it out here.)


The second resource is MONEY


Staying connected, skilled and agile are keys to staying relevant in the workplace and having a successful career for many, many years to come.


If you want to do this right, it takes money. An investment.


I am not talking about spending huge amounts of money here, but knowing your career goals and then allocating a certain percentage of your income to personal and professional development will put you light years ahead of others in your field over time.


Are there seminars, workshops or conferences that might help you? Would taking a certification course be useful? Taking your mentor out to lunch once a quarter would be a small, but very wise investment. Buying (and reading) books on leadership, management, etc. could be useful. Should you hire a career coach to help you improve a certain set of skills or help you get clarity on what you really want to be doing?


There are thousands of ways, big and small that you can invest money into your career development and I am here to tell you that almost all of them are worth it!


The BIG benefit.


There are so many reasons why investing some of your time and money into your career is worth while, but I wanted to point out the biggest benefit...promotability!


That’s right! The more educated, informed and skilled you are, the more likely you are to be promoted. You’re also more likely to earn a larger income, to be recruited by other organizations, to be retained during company reorganizations or lay offs and to have more freedom and flexibility with your current employer.


Besides all that great career stuff, by investing in yourself you get to know yourself better and ultimately you gain clarity on what exactly it is that you want to do with your life and career.


Time and Money are finite, I know that, but so is your life. And since you’ll be working for decades I suggest you take some of that time and some of that money to make improvements in your life and career, you won’t regret it.


Thanks for reading!