3 Reasons You Should Consider a Side Gig


Did you know that the freelance workforce has grown more than 3 times faster than the regular workforce since 2014?

In fact, freelancers are expected to be a majority of the workforce in just 10 years time. The gig economy is here to stay!

So when are you jumping in?

If those statistics alone are not enough to get you considering your own side hustle, then let me share the 3 big reasons why I’ve dabbled in multiple side gigs over the years and why you might want to as well.

1 - Big Financial Goals

Dollar, dollar bills Y’all! I started a landscaping business with my cousin one summer many years ago. If you’re picturing a couple kids with push mowers hustling the neighbors for a job, think again.

I was a full grown woman when I started this business. I was married, owned a home and had a successful career. Why would a professional women want to mow lawns on the side?

Simple, because I knew it would be easy money, and I like money.

Sometimes earning money, the “easy” way, is about seizing opportunities. My Uncle had landscaping equipment that he would lend me, I had a cousin who knew how to use said equipment, and I lived in an area where the majority of people hired landscapers to tend to their lawns.  So I started a business and we mowed lawns, and mulched flower beds, before and after work, and on the weekends that whole summer.

At the end of the summer, I sold all of the lawn accounts I had acquired to another local landscaper and I went back to my corporate job… several thousand dollars richer.

Don’t get overly attached to your idea, It doesn’t have to be forever. Or so afraid what others might think of your side hustle, who cares if they don’t get it. If you want more money, find a way to earn it. That side biz may just be your ticket to fattening your wallet. Plus you may like it. Just the way I enjoyed commanding the ride on mower!

2 - Learn New Skills

I love learning new things, but sometimes just reading about something or listening to podcasts is not enough to satisfy my curiosity!

Many of the side hustles I’ve started over the years are a direct result of wanting to learn more about a particular topic or wanting to gain a particular skill.

As a certified career coach, I went through a lengthy year long accredited course to obtain the CPC (Certified Professional Coach) credential. But in order to level up my coaching cache and become an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) I need a profitable business and I need paying clients using my services. So, besides working with amazing clients and helping them reach their goals. I get to build my credentials and skills through my business. That’s a win-win.

You can use your side hustle to learn new things and build out your resume, so why not.

3 - Test Drive Before You Buy

This may be the most obvious reason of all, but so many people don’t take advantage of using a side hustle or freelance gig to test their business or new career ideas.

There’s a saying...make sure the boat is close to the dock before you jump.

If you can freelance or run your side business while still navigating your 9-5 you will be more confident and more prepared when you actually take the leap toward your own business or new career path.

Many of the people I coach are at a point in their lives when they find themselves thinking about a major change, but they just don’t know how or if they will even like this other career path that they’ve been dreaming of. My advice for them is try it now! Before you leave.

A side hustle or freelance gig may be just what you need to test run your curiosities and see what sticks.

Recently, I was able to reach a major financial goal for myself and my family. We paid off over $40,000 in debt and were able to save enough money to buy a home for cash! This was a huge deal for me and I owe a ton of that financial success to working many different side gigs, in addition to a demanding corporate job, throughout the years.

Whatever you think about freelancing or side hustles, let me assure you that more people are going to find this type of work as the norm. I hope you find your own piece of the pie. And if you do think this is something you want to explore, check out this free guide, Launch and Grow Your Side Hustle While Navigating Your 9-5, I know you’ll find it helpful.

Thanks for reading!