Dreaming is Free...and Other Tips to Help You Get What You Want


One of my new favorite questions is, “What’s your greatest ambition?”

It’s been amazing to see the responses from clients when I ask them this question. You should try it and see what kind of emotions it evokes in others. Better yet, you should ask yourself!

Often when I ask people this question they cannot answer. Not because they don’t have big ambitions or dreams that they someday want to accomplish, but because they’re scared to say them outloud.

Scared that they will be judged, seem silly, or presumptuous, or too bold, too full of themselves or ultimately so incapable of achieving this great ambition, that they don’t even want to speak it out into the world.

I’m here to tell you that this is a mistake.

I once read an article about children and birthday wishes. The author spoke of how insane the concept of keeping your wishes secret was. Think about the classic birthday ritual…a child is to make a wish, think of a deep desire, something that they want to have or to have happen very badly. They blow out the candles and adults in the room urge them not speak of their wish, for it won’t come true. So the child has this birthday wish, that is highly unlikely to ever be granted, because no one knows what it is! We miss a chance to understand our children better. We miss an opportunity to teach them about asking for what they want and going after it, unapologetically.

In reality this is the exact recipe for bringing about a wish unfulfilled. It’s the opposite of how I would want any child to go through life, in fear that saying what they really want out loud is bad. Keeping deep desires locked up and creating unattainable wishes that never have the chance of being granted. And sadly, when it comes to our own deepest wishes, that’ how many of us have learned to function as adults.

This one concept completely changed how I approach that same birthday ritual with my own kids. There are no wishes too great or small, none are secret, they all count because it’s your birthday wish! There’s no need to think it’s unattainable, or impossible. The birthday boy or girl doesn’t feel like they are asking too much or undeserving, they just make a wish and we all celebrate that wish together.

When I ask clients, “What’s your greatest ambition?” I’m basically asking, what’s your wish? And as you would expect, they have a hard time telling me.

If you want your wishes to come true, there are a few things you need to remember…

1 - Dreaming is Free.

Your mind can imagine anything. The greatest accomplishments, riches, successes and partnerships can all be dreamt up in our minds. It costs nothing and is limitless.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity and allow yourself to go there. To think about your wildest dreams and picture them coming true. Some may call this manifesting, but it’s even simpler than that. It’s just daydreaming about what could be.

I bet if you try it out, you’ll find something in those daydreams that you won’t want to let go of.

2 - Say it outloud.

This is where my question comes in. Once you’ve allowed those dreams to flow freely for a while, ask yourself what your greatest ambitions are and start talking about them.

I can tell you first hand that this can feel weird and be awkward in the beginning. The reactions that naysayers have given me when I speak my dreams and goals outloud can, at times, has made me feel small or stupid.

I can also tell you first hand that when you share the things you want and are working toward, others will help you. Even in the smallest ways. Tell people what kind of work you’re looking for, where you want to move, who you want to meet or get to know, what goals you have and magically they will show up for you. But here’s the thing, it’s not magic at all. It’s human nature. Most people want to help one another, sometimes we just don’t know how. Tell people how they can help you by talking outloud about your greatest ambitions.

The, “what will people think”, worries can be powerful! But you’re more powerful.

Over time you’ll learn to ignore those that are trying to bring you down. Whether that’s with their lack of support, or outright negative comments. It’s like that saying, “Some people won’t get you, those aren’t your people.”

3 - Take Action

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past couple years you will know that “Action Brings Clarity” is one of my favorite mantras. Because it’s true!

Day dreaming and wishing for change alone, will not bring about change. We need to take action to make things happen. And when you aren’t sure what to do, often this action is the very thing that brings the clarity.

Thinking is great, but doing is better.

If these concepts resonate with you and you need some easy actionable activities to help you get what you want, download this free audio I created, How to Turn Any Goal into Reality, NOW! It’s super easy to listen to, has workable activities to help you get started and it’s free. I’m reminiscent of one of my sister’s favorite saying, “If it’s free, it’s for me!” Download it HERE now. I know you’ll find it helpful.

So, what’s your greatest ambition? Why not put it out there to the Universe in the comments below! I promise to send some positive vibes your way and who knows… maybe someone reading this can help you get a step closer to that ambition of yours :)

Thanks for reading!