How to Handle Halloween Costumes at Work


Do you know the origin of Halloween? Me neither. I tried to google it - wow there was a lot of conflicting info on the subject. The bottom line is that the tradition of Halloween has been around for a very long time and it originated as either some religious or anti-religious celebration or as an evolution from ancient harvest festivals.

Something like that :)

Does it matter what the details are? Not to me it doesn’t! All I need to know is that Halloween is an exceptionally fun holiday which includes dress-up, incredible make-up, trick-or-treaters at the door, and there is candy, lots and lots of candy.


But beware...There is one element of Halloween that is so scary and so treacherous, only the brave dare to navigate it’s dicey waters

Dressing in a costume for work! Oh, the horror!!!!

This can be one of the trickiest work situations to figure out. Should you or shouldn't you? Do you go casual or full out? Matchy-matchy with co-workers?

Well for what it’s worth this is how I suggest you go about it…


Don’t dress in full costume.

It’s too much! 8 hours in a costume (in full daylight) is not going to look or feel good after hour 2 rolls around. Full costumes make it hard to handle real day-to-day work situations. When your boss asks you if that report is ready how are you going to tell her, "not yet" with that costume on? Awkward!

Full costume mixed with a regular day of work feels like you're taking the walk of shame after a while and in my opinion it’s too much.

If your office plans to have a "business as usual" approach on Halloween then the costume will be a hot mess and you will feel better if you skip it.


Do wear festive attire and be spirited!

Yes to orange sweaters! Yes to spider brooches! Yes to pumpkin earrings! Yes to fishnet tights! Yes to fun nail polish! Or any other festive flare that you find to celebrate the day at work. These are all very sophisticated and appropriate ways to do Halloween at the office and I encourage them!


Exceptions (Yes there’s always an exception!)

If your office is doing trick-or-treating for kids, go ahead and throw your costume on for that. If there is a Halloween contest, you should participate. And if it’s an after work Halloween party then yes, go all out.


I would love to know your opinion! Are you reading this on your way to work, perhaps regretting the banana suit? Or are you thinking I'm crazy - the more costume the better on Halloween work or no work! Leave a comment below.


Whatever you choose I hope you have the BEST Halloween ever with many treats ahead!

Happy Halloween!