Summer Season Got You Feeling Unproductive At Work? Do This...

Ahhh summer time!  A beloved season full of sunshine, tan lines, ice cream, hammock swinging and beach days!

It’s hard to argue that summer’s not a great time of year. There is however, that little problem of staying focused and getting stuff done at work during this season. At least 1 in 4 people report feeling less productive during the summer months. (it has to be more than that, right!)

Whether you’re daydreaming about your upcoming vacation or plotting your next move to raise the office AC dial (again) summer can be a major drain on productivity.

I suggest instead of wasting time doing less than your best work you try out these ideas to help you be a summertime office hero and have your most productive season of all.


Work With The Weather

Look at the weather report at the start of each week and plan accordingly. Seriously, try this!

If Tuesday is calling for rain plan to put in an extra effort that day and tackle some of your most tedious projects then. Is Wednesday going to be 100 degrees and humid, you may want to be indoors all day then too, so plan for it.

Leave less intensive work for the most glorious days so that you can escape a little early without guilt or take more frequent coffee (or my favorite, iced tea) breaks outside and enjoy the sunshine.


Maximize Time When Others Are On Vacation

There are no more productive weeks than when your boss or closest business partners are on vacation, am I right!

Try to plan your workload, not only around your own vacation, but around other people’s time off as well.

On high vacation weeks you’ll receive significantly less emails, less phone calls and are required to attend less meetings. Use this to your advantage! Plan tasks that week that require your undivided attention or things that you’ve been meaning to get to, but haven’t found the time to get it started. Weeks when your boss is away can also be great “catch up” weeks, where you can get yourself back to square one and be ready to be your most productive self again!


Give Back This Summer

Summer is a time of less productivity for sure, part of that is because for most industries work slows and projects get stalled. It’s also not the usual time of year that companies focus on their give back initiatives.

Keep yourself on point by doing something this summer that normally is reserved for the holiday season and give back.

Participate in your organization's designated program or create your own. Maybe you can collect back to school items and donate them to kids in need, maybe you can round up a few co-workers and visit a locate food pantry or shelter or maybe you can help beautify the community you work in by weeding, planting flowers or picking up trash one afternoon.

The point is that summer is just as good a time as any to serve the community and it’s often a time of year that people forget about these causes. So get out there and keep yourself very productive by logging some give back time at work!


Spend Time On Self Development

Summer is the perfect time to invest in yourself! Was there a book you’ve been meaning to read, an online course you wanted to take or a seminar you had your eye on? If so, then summertime may be your answer to fitting it in!

There’s no better way to grow in your career then by dedicating time and/or money to your own personal and professional development. (to read a great article on why this is so important click here) And perhaps there’s no better season to make time for this than the summer!

Doing something to improve your skills over the summer is sure to keep you productive and when things pick up again in fall you’ll be ready for so much more than just boots and cozy sweaters!


Happy Summer to you! Stay productive my friends!


Thanks for reading!