How to Find Your Calling


Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? You're not alone! Don’t feel bad if you’re still searching - at least you’re searching!


Many people spend a lifetime doing work they don’t like. Why? For a few reasons, one being they have become conditioned into thinking that work is work and you don’t have to like it. Two, they feel that they can’t make money doing things they like or believe that the things they enjoy are meant to just be hobbies. Lastly, they don’t know how to find their calling and so they never do the work to discover what their dream career may be, therefore, they never go after it.


If you’re reading this, you’re not one of them and you’re ready to find your calling and do work that matters to you. Excellent!


Here are 6 ways to find your calling:


1. Give Yourself Permission to Change Your Mind

Seriously! You are going to change your mind as you learn new things both about yourself and the world. There is nothing wrong with that! Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to change direction in your career. People have, on average, 18 different career moves in their lifetime. Many of them are complete and total changes in the industry they work or the type of position they have. The sooner you can give yourself permission to be ok with changing your mind the faster you will land on your true calling.


2. Determine Your Values

Once I spent some time examining my values my life and career goals became clear. You need to know what’s important to you in order to know what to do next. It’s a key factor in determining your calling. Once you get clear on what you value every other decision is basically made for you. Really!


3. Express Yourself in Whatever Way Feels Natural to You

If you want to find your calling, creativity can not be a luxury. You have to make time to explore things that are interesting to you and to express yourself creatively. Do things that feel good, read books you want to read, check out new ways to move your body, new types of music, new ways of thinking. You will open space for new ideas and allow your calling to surface more easily.


4. Pay Attention to What Keeps Coming Back Up

For years I was helping friends, family and coworkers navigate their careers. If one of my girlfriends had a big interview coming up she’d call me and we’d practice together, someone needed help writing a resume call Erica, going to negotiate a salary or change in work hours I’m your gal, not sure what to do with your career I got you covered.

I started hearing the same things from people. You should do this for a living. Or, this was so helpful, can I pay you for your time?

The same themes kept coming back! As I uncovered my true passion for helping people navigate their lives and careers I realized that I had been doing it for years already. Duh!


5. Connect to Things Outside of Yourself Daily

I am a huge believer in meditation to aid in clearing the mind. I have had a spotty meditation practice for more than a decade and only recently have gotten significantly more consistent.

Meditating daily (even for just a few minutes) will change your life. I know that is a bold statement, and I don’t say that lightly. Getting the benefits of centering yourself and clearing the chaos of our hectic lives will allow your true calling to surface more freely.

Spend time every day in meditation and just watch what happens.

*psssst - there is more than one way to meditate. If you want some details on how to meditate at work check out this post right here!


6. Get Help

You can see that discovering your calling is not just an inward venture, in fact, getting some feedback and support from trusted advisors can be extremely helpful.

Ask your friends and family what your gifts are, what you do really well, or when they’ve seen you happiest or most in your zone. The people close to us have so much insight into our superpowers - remember me telling you how all my friends and family were saying for years that I should be a career coach, yeah, they knew!

You could also consider hiring a coach! It’s my sole mission to help my clients discover their calling and create a career transition plan that takes them from where they are now to where they truly want to go. Working with a completely objective professional, trained on helping you pull out your best self is worth every penny and you may find it helps you reach your goals significantly faster than doing it on your own. (want to chat about it, click here, and let me know you'd like to schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery call)


7. Be Patient

Don’t expect your calling to appear as quickly as your dog does when you start getting ready to leave the house - how do they know!

It’s going to take some time, discovering and honoring your true path is a lifelong journey. Be kind to yourself. Trust in the process and know that things will unfold in exactly the right timing. Support your desire to figure this calling thing out and cut yourself a break along the way as things may change and new paths may appear.


How lucky are we that we are in the position to even being thinking about things like this!


One last thing - If you already have an idea what your calling is and want an excellent resource to help you start working toward your dream career, download this FREE guide... 

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Thanks for reading!