Is the Best Yet to Come?


Have you ever met someone that is still living in the glory days of high school, or college, or whenever? They endlessly tell stories of the past, measure themselves to how they used to look or feel back then, sometimes they try to force their kids to live out the life that they so fondly recall, the same sports or activities, the same path, the same story.

Maybe you yourself have had the experience of walking past a mirror, catching a glimpse of someone much older than you in the reflection, only to realize – wait, that is me!

Maybe you find yourself wishing that you can go back and start over in your life or your career. Do you ever think that you could do it better the second time around? Have regrets? Think it’s too late to make change or do something different?

We’ve ALL been there in some way or another.

Old is bad, the best is behind us. Our culture tells us that we peak at a certain point, and that rest of our lives we’re just decaying and declining. Ever hear the term, “over the hill”. When are we over the hill anyway? 40? 50? What happens to us once we go over?

Science says that our bodies begin to decline after age 25. Seeing as 25 came and went a while ago for me, I can attest to that fact.

Science also says that we begin to mentally decline around age 45. Slightly slower thinking takes over, delayed mental reaction times, and so on.

But what we also know from a scientific perspective is that you can dramatically slow your aging process both physically and mentally! Through exercise, eating well, mindset, and actively learning new things. You CAN think yourself young! And even though we are experiencing physical and mental decline, there is the huge “X” factor of experience to help us mitigate and slow down the process.

Think of it this way – yes when you were younger, if you fell off your bike while jumping it off a ramp and broke your arm, you healed faster, the pain was easier to manage, and the lasting effects of the injury were minimal if any. But now, you aren’t as stupid, and you don’t ride your bike off ramps, thus getting injured less! Both your youth and your experience are benefiting your overall life and health, just in different ways and at different times.

I actually suffered an injury to my foot when I was around the age of 13-15. I was swimming at my aunt’s pool. I remember it just being my brother and I, along with some of my younger cousins. We were having fun and I was perfectly comfortable, with my family.

Until one of my cousins showed up at the house with a bunch of his guy friends in tow, what felt like all the older guys from my town arrived just in time to watch me exit the pool in my bikini! At least, that was how I felt. (In reality they probably could have cared less and didn’t even notice that I was there!)

But being a young teenage girl, I was embarrassed and wanted to get out of that pool immediately and wrap my towel around my body and hide! So I jumped out of the water and ran to the edge of the pool area, where my towel was hanging over a cinder block wall. I yanked on that towel so fast, and so hard, that I literally ripped one of the decorative cinder blocks from the top of the wall, straight off the cement!

The cinder block came crashing down, scraped and rolled along my leg before it jabbed into my foot, leaving a serious gash and breaking bones. Well, I can tell you laying on the concrete, crying in pain, covered in blood, while wearing my hot pink bikini was a bit more embarrassing then a bunch of oblivious boys catching a glimpse of me getting out of the pool. And don’t get me started about what it’s like to go to the emergency room in a bikini!

Now that I’m older…I would never be so dumb as to care what a bunch of men, or anyone else for that matter, thought about the way I looked in my bathing suit! Here’s to being nearly 40 and having confidence! Back then my youth helped me heal, and now my experience and mindset does.

What if we acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated that growth within ourselves?

What if we thought the best was yet to come?

What if the best job you’ve ever had was the next one? What if you were on the cusp of making the most money you’ve ever made in your entire life? What if your marriage, friendships, or relationships with your kids are about to become closer and more meaningful than ever before?

It’s completely possible if you believe it to be true. In fact, the happiest people in the world overwhelmingly state that they feel optimistic, youthful, and hopeful about the future most of the time. Regardless of their age!

Our mindset is what creates our reality.

There is nothing more powerful than setting an intention for yourself and believing it is possible. This is the gift that comes with age, experience, and personal growth. We get the chance to learn from all the dumb things we did, the mistakes we made, the things we messed up. All that knowledge is for the taking and if we want to, we can write a new story for our life, any time.

It really is as simple as adopting a mindset that supports your growth and believing that the best is yet to come.

This week I want to challenge you to look at every single aspect of your life and image what it would be like, if the best was yet to come in that area. I’m going to try it too! Imagine that each area of your life was about to get better than it’s ever been before. What would that mean for you? What could you do and accomplish, how would you feel if every single thing was about to get a little bit (or a whole lot) more amazing. How would life change if you embraced that mindset every day, month over month, year over year, knowing that more vibrancy, meaning, happiness, money, and success was always on the horizon?

Imagine what it would be like if you could think and feel that the best was yet to come, even in the face of aging. Even during challenges. Even if things seem at their worst.

Sometime I like to ask myself the question, what’s the alternative?

Being miserable? Thinking you peaked in high school? (Oh my god stop it!) Believing you’re on the downward slope of life and nothing will ever be better than in was on your last best day? Ugggh, that’s so depressing!

Adopt the mindset that the best is yet to come. I think it’ll be pretty life changing. After all, what’s the alternative?

I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below and let me know what your “best is yet to come” looks like so I can cheer you along!

Thanks for reading!