Want to Keep Your New Year's Resolution...Here's How!


Did you create a New Year’s resolution for yourself this year? Nearly 50% of all adults in the United States say that they’ve declared a New Year’s resolution. But of those of us that have a resolution in mind, a whopping 92% will fail, most within the first 30 days! Yikes. So why do so many people set these goals anyway and how do the 8% that make it actually achieve them?


We create resolutions for ourselves because so many of us get caught in the idea that a fresh start is the best time to implement something new. I’m one of them! Have you ever tried to eat healthy, and things are going good, but then you cave and have that donut or whatever it is you shouldn’t be eating, after that you feel like the whole day is ruined so you might as well forget about it and just start fresh tomorrow, or even Monday? (Yeah, I’ve been there too!) Well, that same concept applies on New Year’s Day, but the power of that fresh start is multiplied times a million! Everyone likes a clean slate and the beginning of a new year is the ultimate clean slate.


A New Year’s Resolution is like any other goal really. There is nothing anymore special about the start of a new year than there is a start of a new day. And I can tell you that achieving any goal requires a plan of attack and some solid tactics to make it happen.


If you’re really ready to make your New Year’s Resolution stick then start by implementing these 3 tactics to get a huge head start…



A goal that you can actually see is significantly more attainable than one that you can not. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to turning your goals into reality and the good news, it's easy and anyone can do it!

Visualization is simply using your minds eye to “see” yourself achieving your goals. It involves imagining that you have already achieved the goal and reveling in the feeling of what it will be like once you’re there. Athletes, celebrities, performers and successful business people all swear by this technique as key to reaching their goals.

All you have to do is spend some time believing you’re already there, and practice being grateful that you’ve made it. Walk through the steps it would take to achieve the goal regularly and picture yourself doing it. That’s it!


Create Accountability

I recently noticed a friend’s post on her FB page, where she declared her intention to get outdoors more and participate in some amazing hiking programs for women and mothers. She created built in accountability by telling her friends and family what she was planning. This is sure to help her stay on track as people will be asking how it’s going and want to get involved in what she’s doing. That’s one way to instantly create accountability.

Another way is to ask for help or seek out an accountability partner. Someone who can follow up with you and say, “Hey you said you were going to be writing a book this year and that you would be doing x amount of pages per week, how’s that going? How many pages do you have completed? Can I read what you’ve written?” A good accountability partner will take their job seriously and continue to follow up with you. They will make sure you stay on track by asking you where you’re at and pushing you to keep going.

Lastly, think about your own “mastermind” or “peer group” to help support your goals. Let’s say one of your goals is to read more this year, why not create or join a book club so that you are held accountable to that goal. Being around people who have similar goals as you can really keep you on track!


Write it Down

Studies on goal setting have been done for nearly 100 years now and it’s hard to find an expert that doesn’t agree that writing your goals down is one of the most powerful ways to achieve what you want. The simple act of writing down a goal is a powerful motivator and helps keep the goal clear and unjumbled among the hundreds of other thoughts that fight for your attention each day.

People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve them, yet only 3 out of every 100 adults actually write their goals down. Why is that? I wish I knew! In fact, one of the most frustrating things for me to see is a client with an incredible goal, desire to achieve it and a really good plan that they simply won’t write down.

Up your odds of getting what you want and simply write it down!


If you can include these 3 tactics in your life this year you’ll be significantly more likely to achieve that goal or dream you just resolved to achieve in the champagne haze of the New Year!


Thanks for reading!