4 Unexpected things Mompreneurs are teaching their kids

If you are a Mompreneur running your own business, full time or even on the side, there are sure to be daily struggles that you face when it comes to your kids. How to be everything to everyone?  How to set a good example? How to to provide financially? How to find time for yourself without the guilt? Just to name a few!

Don’t beat yourself up! In the mix of all the craziness there are some unexpected things you are teaching your kids RIGHT NOW that you may not even realize.

Here they are...

1. Staying true to your values matters.

As an entrepreneur or business owner you have an opportunity to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.  Your values can be interwoven into your business in a way that you feel proud of and in a way that sets a stellar example for your kids.

What values are important to you? Whatever they are, I bet there are elements of those values in your business right now!  Share that with your kids and let them know that there’s a reason why you do what you do.

For example, maybe it’s the value of integrity that’s most meaningful to you, and that’s why you have a no questions asked, money back guarantee. Or maybe you value community and so you participate in local community organized events or barter your goods or services with other locals. Perhaps education is of high value to you, hence you continue to take training classes or seminars in your field.

I don’t know what your values are, but you should! Look at your business and see if there are things you are already doing that align with what your values are. Share that with your kiddos! There is no better example for them, than to see that you are an entrepreneur that runs your business in a way that is true to yourself, your family and your values. Wow - you go Mom!

2. Showing vulnerability is more than just ok.

There is nothing more frustrating than working your buns off, trying to succeed at something you have put your heart and soul into...and failing.  Cue the tears!

But wait...do you let your kids see you get “all emotional” and cry over spilt milk or not?  I say cry away!  Acknowledge that it feels awful to fail; show them that vulnerability has a place in business. Then pick yourself up and move on. Those failures are nothing more than opportunities, if you chose to look at it that way! (And I highly recommend that you do!)

Vulnerability is what makes you, as a female entrepreneur, different! Your sensitive perspective is a strength and you have an opportunity to ensure your kids see it that way. Women have an innate ability to connect and empathize with people. Our emotions allow us to navigate business from a different perspective than a man might. This, like all of your strengths and gifts, should be celebrated! And by doing so you teach your kids a valuable lesson on how it feels to fail and what it looks like to move on from there, authentically.

Zig Ziglar said, “It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts!”.  So shed a tear, tell them it’s disappointing, show your kids that vulnerability is normal and bounce on up higher than ever before!

3. Work can look like a lot of different things.

As an entrepreneur your day-to-day work life is a little different than those Mom’s that are heading into the office every day.  Neither one is better or worse, just different. And both ways of working can offer valuable lessons for our kids.

For some kids, seeing their Mom get dressed in “work clothes”, put on makeup, and run out the door with a mug off coffee in hand is all they see of her career.  It takes time and effort for those Moms to explain what they do for work and sometimes kids have a hard time fully understanding.

As a Mompreneur your children get a front row seat to every detail of your job. They may come with you to your office or business frequently. They hear you on the phone with clients, vendors or other business associates. They watch as you sift through stacks of invoices or other paperwork related to your business. When you stop and think about it I am sure you are doing a variety of things to support your business on a daily basis; from washing floors to negotiating contracts.  And all the while little eyes are watching you :)

This is an amazing opportunity to teach your kids that work can look like a lot of different things. You’re showing them how tiny tasks and major initiatives each are important in running your business and that is a valuable lesson for anyone to understand! Heck, you may have a future employee on your hands...start them off right!

4. We are always at choice.

Mommy guilt is alive and well people! It’s normal to feel guilty shutting my office door and ignoring my family while I complete a project.  Or to feel like a bad Mom when I’m traveling and without them for a few days.

But did you notice something there?

Did you notice that those statements were written from a position of choice.  There was no, “have to” involved. I don’t “have to” shut my office door and work, I “chose to” because I enjoy the work that I do and it’s how I chose to provide for my family.

I’ll never forget a Dr. Phil episode I watched years ago (stick with me here). There was an expert on who was talking about why so many people hate their jobs. His theory was that parents condition their kids to hate work and think of it as a negative experience.

Think about when you say things like, “I have to go to work” or “I have to work late”. Naturally when we use “have to” words we create a “have to” mentality and that implies we aren’t in a position to choose how we live our own lives.

As an entrepreneur or business owner I will assume you chose your profession. Be proud of that choice and be sure to speak in a way that supports it. How does, “I want to go to work” sound? Or if that’s too much of a stretch for you at times, what about, “I am off to work!”.  Do you see how that subtle shift allows you to be in control and in a position of choice? As a Mompreneur you show your kids how important work is to you, by choosing to be there. Pretty cool, huh!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you rock star Mompreneurs out there! You are doing a great job, hopefully this article helped you see that even more clearly.

If you know another amazing boss Mama that would enjoy reading this, please share it! And I would love to hear from you! How are you planning to spend your Mother’s Day? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!