Why You Should Pause Not Quit


I’ve been experiencing a momentary pause lately.


Recently I was finding it difficult to get things done, to post things regularly, to write, to add value to my community and to basically stay focused on all the things.


I began to feel really bad about this. I started wondering if I was losing interest in some of the work I was doing and if I was focused on the right projects and initiatives. The questioning kept coming.


If you’re anything like me, which I bet you are, it’s easy to go down that rabbit hole of self doubt and wonder about the path you’re currently on.


And, I wasn’t the only one! Several of my clients have also been feeling a little stuck lately and lacking motivation to drive forward in their careers and their lives. It can be frustrating when someone knows what they want, but can’t seem to muster up the energy, focus or motivation to go after it.


So I got to thinking why is this and what separates those that are experiencing a lull in their motivation and need to slow down or pause vs those that just throw in the towel and quit?


Here’s what I think…


Why we lose motivation?


We lose motivation for a number of reasons. Maybe you're working too hard and feeling burnt out. Maybe you forgot to be flexible with yourself. Maybe you’re expecting immediate results and feeling disappointed. Maybe you’re focusing on the negative or the mistakes or obstacles in your way. Or maybe you’re acting entitled, which will kill motivation in a heartbeat!


Whatever the reason you’ve lost your motivation, remember there is a reason. If you felt excited and driven at one point in time about a particular project or type of work you’re doing, then it’s likely you’re still excited and motivated to do that work, you just need to find out what’s been causing you to stumble lately.


For me I know for sure I’ve taken too much on recently. I’ve over extended myself with major projects, collaborations, family obligations and personal changes that have completely caused me to reach my max. (I’ll be excited to share some of the exciting things I’ve been working on soon!)


I originally was feeling bad about myself for finally hitting a wall and feeling like something had to give and then I stopped to reflect on what it really means to be successful and how pausing and slowing down is sometimes exactly what we need in order to prevent completely giving up or quitting on something we really care about.


So here I am currently mid-pause. I’m doing less, but I’m also expecting less of myself over the next couple months. I’m working more behind the scenes and at a pace that is reasonable for a change and I’m ok with that. In fact, I am really glad to be doing that!


Our life and work can be many shades of grey. There is no black and white answer that makes sense every time. Sometimes we need to cut ourselves a break and be perfectly fine with slower progress. I mean, let’s be honest, even if you only move an inch per day you are still lapping those that are sitting on the couch!


If you really care about something, if you’re really curious about if it will work or what it might be like to accomplish a particular goal then I encourage you to pause, not quit, when things get complicated or overwhelming. The world needs what you have to offer...and we’re willing to wait for it :)


I'm curious if you've ever felt a slow down on your career or business progress and what you did about it? Leave a comment below and tell us what your strategy has been for overcoming a lack of motivation!