5 signs it’s time for a career change!

Are you getting a sneaking suspicion it might be time for a career change? Are you starting to look at work “differently”? Maybe you’re hearing a little voice in your head that is telling you a change is needed, but you’re not sure if you should listen or not. Or what that change should look like.


Well then this article is for you! If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs then it might be time for a career change.


1. You’re jealous of other people.


We all experience feelings of envy from time to time, but if you’re feeling constantly jealous of your co-workers or other people in your industry it might be time for a change of scenery.


Sometimes jealous feelings strike when we watch other people succeed. If seeing a peer get promoted or win an award pisses you off you might want to stop and try and understand where that feeling is coming from.


Is it that you think you’re better or more deserving than your co-worker? Have you created a story for yourself, perhaps that your company will never see you for who you really are or what you can do? Whatever the reason, increased feelings of jealousy at work is something that should make you pause and evaluate. Especially if these are new feelings for you and you previously were not phased by watching others succeed.


2. You just don’t care anymore.


If waking up early, jumping out of bed and being the first one at the office is a thing of the past that might mean something! Losing interest in your job is a sure sign that a change is needed. I’m not saying you need to quit, but you need to do something different.


Losing your zest for work is a horrible feeling! I work with people everyday that want to find their passion and do work that matters, so I know first hand that many, MANY people struggle with this.  But none of us have to!


Suffering through 40+ hours a week in a job you have lost interest in is not a way to make a living and there are options. Talk to your boss about taking on different assignments or switching gears into a different division of your organization. Create or lead initiatives that might be meaningful to you. Maybe you need to take some time off to recharge or re-energize.


If after all that you have decided there is no hope for you at your current job and your loss of interest cannot be reignited then it’s time to find something else. A solid business or career coach can help you tap into your passion and help you get clear on what to do next :)


Bottom line, if you don’t care anymore it may be time for a change.


3. You think everyone else is the problem.


If playing the blame game has become your new full time job, you may be ready for a career change! There is nothing that says “I am over this crap” more clearly than that person who is always irritated, frustrated or annoyed at everyone else.


If you can’t stop thinking that your organization is making poor choices, your boss is an idiot, your co-workers don’t pull their weight and the people that work for you are not competent then you have some serious career soul searching to do!


Blaming everyone else for what’s wrong in your career shows that you have lost engagement with the work that you do. If you’re over it, then get over it and move on!


4. Other people are suggesting you move on.


This can be a real eye opener! Hello! If your friends, family members or trusted co-workers have suggested you look for a new job then maybe you should! Sometimes those that are closest to us can see our unhappiness with our careers even before we can.


And if your boss or organization has noticed your lack of enthusiasm or suggested you look else where, then you better get that resume refreshed, stat!


5. You’re intuition is screaming at you!


We all have an inner voice that guides us - listen to it!  Your intuition is powerful. You will usually know what’s best for yourself and whether or not a change is needed.


If you are hearing that nagging voice in your head or you’re feeling something pulling at you, then it may be time to take some action and make a change.


Here are a couple tips on how to “hear” your intuition more loudly.


  • Meditate - Daily meditation is an amazing way to tap into your inner voice and intuition.

  • Keep a gratitude journal - Taking notice of the things you are grateful for will help you get clear on your values and what really speaks to your heart.

  • Follow your curiosity - Whatever it is that seems interesting to you, follow it! No matter how insane the thought may seem at first. Curiosity is often your intuitions way of leading you somewhere you should go.


Listen, we are always in a position of choice and we all have the ability to create the life, business or career of our dreams. I really believe that!


If you are living out any of the signs I mentioned, then it’s time to do something about it and choose a different path for yourself.


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If you want to speak more about finding your passion and having the business or career you were meant to have, then don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment below. I am here to help!


Thanks for reading!