6 Worth it Steps to Take After an Interview


Congratulations on a successful interview, you walk out the door and head home feeling like a rock star and super hopeful you will get the job! Now what?

In today’s job market standing out from the crowd is imperative to your success, but there is a fine line between standing out and being obnoxious. So what do you do after the interview to be memorable while also seeming professional, charming and like-able?

I have some ideas for you!


1 - Get their contact information.

Before you even walk out of the interview be sure you get the contact info of the person you have met with.

This may seem silly, but think about it. Who set up the interview for you? Likely it was an assistant or HR partner. Do you know the phone number/email of the person you are meeting with? Do you know how to properly spell their first and last name? What if you end up meeting with several people that day that you weren’t planning on seeing? (this often happens)

You should simply ask before you leave. It can be as easy as, “Do you have a business card handy so I can have your contact info?”


2 - Send a thank you email immediately.

Like that day, as soon as you get home.

This is standard. This let’s them know that you are timely and professional. Don’t over do it and don’t say too much. A simple thank you for your time today and I look forward to learning more about the organization, or I look forward to next steps, etc. Short sweet and to the point.


3 - Send a thank you card.

I know, I know, many of you may think this is old school, and it is! That’s what makes it so charming and impactful. People don’t do this anymore and it’s super easy and goes a long way.

A handwritten thank you note can be a little longer than your email and more specific.

If there was a particular moment in the interview that you can reference that is either humorous or memorable go for it. “I enjoyed hearing about the new product launch you’re working on, thank you for sharing that with me.” This is a great way to stand out and not be forgotten.

You should mail your thank you note the day after your interview, this will ensure that it arrives 2-4 days after you’ve met with the hiring manager, and likely before your next interview or job offer. But don’t stress about the timing, just get the note in the mail. Remember, if you took my advice from step number one and asked for the interviewers contact info you will know exactly where to send it so it gets directly to the right person.

And let’s not forget about the impact you can make here with your stationery or note card selection! (Cue my squeal of excitement!) Think of all the possibilities! Choose something that represents your style, humor or personality. (Nothing inappropriate, of course!) This is a great way to up the wow factor and stand out even further!


4 - Call or email to check the status.

If you haven’t heard anything it’s perfectly ok, in fact a fabulous idea, to reach out and see what’s going on.

Take into consideration when they said they would get back to you. If they said it will be a couple weeks wait a couple weeks, if they said it would be the following day and you don’t hear back it’s ok to check in with them after that.  

In this day and age, I would say email is probably the best and most appropriate way to check in with a potential employer following your interview. However, if you get the sense that calling is ok or if there was an administrative assistant that you have been in contact with for updates, then call.

The bottom line is following up and checking the status is a good idea. It shows you’re committed and timely. It also means you will not be forgotten. Like everything else, be pleasant and professional.


5 - Keep detailed notes.

I can not stress enough how important this is!

After every phone call, email, conversation or interview you should make a note of the date, time, and exactly what was discussed.

You want to do this for a couple reasons.

First - it helps you remember! What was discussed as far as salary? When did they say they would follow up? Who was it that I was going to meet with next?

These are things you’ll want to know as you move along in the process. You want to seem professional and clear about what has been said so you can be prepared for the future.

Second - Taking notes allows you to keep your annoying factor down! It means you know exactly who you spoke to and about what so you don’t have to have them repeat themselves, it means you won’t obnoxiously be calling too frequently and most of all it means you’ll not unreasonably think it’s been ages since you have heard back from them!

I was talking to a client the other day who told me she didn’t think she got a job she was interviewing for because it had been sooooooooo long since she’d heard back from them. I asked her how long? She wasn’t sure. I asked if she had kept notes of the last time she spoke to them like I suggested, she said, yes. I asked her to take out her notes...8 days. That is how long it had been, 8 days (including the weekend!).

Our minds can play tricks on us when we’re stressed or waiting in anticipation for something important. Keeping good notes helps you give yourself reality checks!


6 - Don’t be annoying.

Whatever you do don’t blow it by being a pest! Seriously, there’s a fine line between impressively persistent and obnoxious. Cross the line and you’re done for.

Pay attention to social cues and be patient. How you handle yourself after an interview is just as important as how you performed during the interview.

This is especially important when you don’t get the job. That’s right! Sometimes you’re a fantastic candidate and they loved you, but you still get rejected. What gives? Well, there might have been an internal candidate that was waiting in the wings, or *gasp* someone more qualified beat you out.

This doesn’t mean that you will not be considered next time or “benched” for future opportunities, it actually goes down this way a lot more than you think! So be graceful, non-annoying and you may just get a call a couple months from now with an incredible offer.


Whatever it is you’re pursuing I wish you luck and want you to know I am here to help! If someone you know or love would benefit from reading this, please share it!

Thanks for reading!



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