So You Hate Your Boss

One of the top reasons people site as to why they want to start a business is so that they can be their own boss.

This is a perk of being an entrepreneur for sure!

If you feel like you're meant for something more and are dreaming of becoming your own boss, I highly recommend you do something about it and get started on building that dream business of today!

Oh, but you still have that little problem of hating your boss and coping with the realities of 9-5 life, huh. (At least for now!) Well, then I have some advise for you that I know will help.

Have you ever worked for someone that made your skin crawl?

I have.

I can recall one epically horrible boss that I worked for who I couldn't stand. I mean REALLY could not deal with. This person made my skin crawl on so many different levels that going to work became a struggle every single day. We disagreed on most things. I fundamentally thought their morals were questionable and my attempts to communicate about our differences were not received very well at all. (To say the least!)

So what do you do when you’re in an icky situation with the person you work for?

These are the steps I took and what I recommend you try to help you navigate a terrible boss:

1 - Have a discussion.

Start by being the bigger person and address the situation from a place of humility. Perhaps you are the one that is sending off negative vibes. Maybe your supervisor thinks you’re not committed to your work or that you are not communicating well. Maybe there was a situation that went wrong in their eyes and you aren’t even aware of it.

The mature and professional way to resolve any conflicts at work is to start by addressing the conflict and asking for feedback on how you can contribute to the resolution.

So talk to your boss and bring your concerns forward in an effort to get on the same page and move forward.

2 - Trade Shoes.

Ok so your request to discuss your differences and get feedback on how you can support a better relationship didn’t what?

Trade shoes and consider your boss’ point of view. In other words, be the bigger person and consider all that your boss may be going through right now. Does she have a huge workload or extra project on her plate, is she still learning her way around a new department or figuring out a new team or maybe she doesn’t mean to come across so darn rude, perhaps she has an opportunity with her tone of voice or body language. (This is where you really try hard to be understanding, I know it’s tough!)

The bottom line is that you should consider what it’s like to be her and see if that lessens your hatred at all.

No, huh…

3 - Look in the mirror.

Maybe it’s you? Just sayin!

Seriously, could you be the cause of this problem. Do you have an opportunity to be more cooperative or flexible? Let’s face it some people just don’t get along, no matter what. There could be no real issue or circumstance causing the dislike you have for your boss, it might just be you.

Take a long hard look in the mirror and be prepared to admit it if you’re just not a fan of this person. If that’s the case then you need to figure out how to be a professional and accept your boss for who she is.

4 - Suggest a different arrangement.

Ok, so you tried to talk it out and that didn’t work. You tried to be empathetic and put yourself in your boss's shoes, but that did not change your perspective and you tried taking along hard look at yourself to see if perhaps you were the problem, nope.

So your boss is just a jerk and you hate her. Ok so it’s now time to suggest a different arrangement.

Perhaps you can offer to work with a different team, asked to be transferred or switched to a new project or office space. You can do this by stating the obvious and telling your boss that there is a clear disconnect between the two of you and it might be best to try a different arrangement.

5 - Organize a Mutiny.

I’m kind of kidding here...kind of.

But in all seriousness if you have a horrible boss and have taken all the steps above to improve or resolve the situation and still have not gotten anywhere it may be time to make some partners and bring your concerns to HR.

If you do decide to do this I suggest you do a couple things:

  • Let your boss know - You can do this by simply saying that you plan to seek some additional guidance from the HR department on how to make your relationship better.

  • Be prepared with notes - this is not a “gotcha” situation, you just want to be clear about what the issues are, what steps you have taken to resolve them and what outcome you are looking to achieve. Having notes will help you do this professionally and without emotion.

Taking this step is literally a last ditch effort and I would not suggest you take it lightly. No one ever wants HR involved in their office issues, but there are times that call for it.

6 - Move on.

If your last ditch effort doesn’t cause change then it’s time to move on.

You have to ask yourself if it is worth working for this oger or not? And if the answer is not, then look for something else or take the leap and start working on your business full time.


If you're dealing with a horrible boss and can't stop thinking that there is something better out there for you, that you're meant for more, if you can't shake that entreprenuiral bug from your brain, then let me know!

Helping ambitious people like you is my passion!

Thanks for reading!