5 Lock Solid Tips to Keep Your Workouts Going While on a Business Trip


On a normal day it’s difficult to find the time and energy to workout, but when you throw in travel or a multi-day business trip just forget about it!


We all know how important our physical health is. Not just to look good, but to feel good and to function at our best.


So what do you do when you’re making great progress with your workouts, but a business trip pops up. You know that traveling for work usually means early mornings, late nights, long days and being at the mercy of someone else's schedule and agenda. Not too mention the food chaos! Eating whatever or wherever your co-workers or clients have arranged and the after hours “networking” can all be too much!


Here’s how you can stay committed to your goals and make the most of your time while you are traveling for work.


1. Stay at a Hotel with a Gym.

Ok that may seem obvious to you, and it is! If you regularly work out at a gym (or even if you don’t) then find a hotel that has a gym and use it while you’re traveling.


You can do this in a few minutes by checking the hotel website or even calling to find out exactly what the gym provides and if it will meet your needs. Then book the best choice you can based on that info.


Now, if you are like me and the thought of running into your co-works at the gym makes you squeamish then this option may not be right for you. Or you may want to be very thoughtful about the gym gear you bring with you. (No rolling out of bed and stumbling down to the gym in your PJ’s on a work trip I’m afraid)


Either way, a hotel gym is a no-excuse way to keep up with your routine so start there.


2. Take it to the Great Outdoors.

Especially if you’re traveling somewhere new or scenic!


Why not spend a little time googling great parks or hiking trails near your meeting place and figuring out a way to get outside to workout?


I know someone that travels a lot for work and makes a point of taking a run in every city he visits. He maps his route in advance and researches where the safest and easiest areas to explore are. How fun is that!


3. Include your Co-workers.

Usually when traveling for business there are some of your co-workers involved. You may be meeting in a specific location or you’re traveling together. Chances are you’re not the only one that is feeling the guilt of missing your workouts while away. So why not include them!


Suggest walking to and from places, hitting the gym together in the morning or planning something physical after the day is done.


Sometimes all your co-workers need is someone to create a plan and organize the details and they will be in!


4. Workout in the Privacy of Your Room.

Ok, so if the above options aren’t your cup of tea and you prefer to be unsocial and private while working out on the road, then I’ve got you covered too!


There are countless apps you can use on your phone or iPad to help guide you through a workout in your hotel room. You can also pick up many different workout accessories for when you are traveling. Like packable yoga mats, resistance bands or inflatable exercise balls.


I’m one of those people that prefers to take walks alone while traveling or to simply hide out in my room, so if that’s you then I completely relate!


My favorite workout while on the go is yoga. I can do it bra-less and in my pj’s - bonus! I use a travel mat, the Khataland YoFoMat if I can fit it and if I need something super compact I like the YOGO Ultralight Travel Mat.


The app I use, whether traveling or for at home yoga is, Yoga Studio by Gaiam. I love this app and have been using it for years, it never gets old for me and it tracks your sessions so you can look back at your frequency and progress. It also has a meditation component which I enjoy. I’m not advertising for these companies, I just think they have great products and, like Oprah, I share my favorite things :)


Whatever your workout style is you can be certain to find options that will work for your hotel room.


5. Skip the After Hours Socializing.

I know this is hard. Like really hard! Especially when it involves prospective clients or your boss, but every decision you make determines what you value and if you value keeping up with your workouts and staying healthy then I suggest you find ways to limit your time at the bar or skip it all together.


I happen to think this can benefit your future career opportunities as well. We all know people that cross the line at work functions, stay out way past a reasonable time or drink too much. But the thing is, they aren’t doing it alone! There are always several people involved and it’s probably best for your career if you’re not one of them.


So what can you do? Simply be honest. There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two then excusing yourself by saying you plan to wake up early and take a run, hit the gym, or have a yoga session. You may even inspire others to follow your good example.


I know it can be tough to stay in shape and be healthy when traveling but hey, the fact that you are a jet setting executive and even taking business trips means you are smart enough and determined enough to make it happen! I hope this article gives you some inspiration to stick to it when on your next business trip!

Thanks for reading!