These 2 Characteristics Will Determine Your Success


Most of us have a desire to be successful. The problem is success in life, career, and relationships can sometimes seem elusive if we aren’t sure how to get what we want. This makes perfect sense… in theory.

For years I used to think that being successful required more education, more talent, or more experience. I thought other people had a part to play in my success and luck of course was the secret ingredient. Those things will certainly help, but there is something even greater that will lead to lasting success.

As I’ve watched people grow in their careers, and generally achieve the things they set out to achieve, I learned that external factors and genetics were not necessarily what made people successful. And it’s not just my opinion, there is scientific evidence suggesting that you have as much a chance as anyone else if you work on these 2 characteristics.

Grit and Growth Mindset.

Grit. Defined as the combination of passion and perseverance, grit is a characteristic that you may be predisposed to have, but not necessarily. And whether or not you came into this world with a must win, I’ve got this no matter what, attitude or not, you can learn to be “gritty”.

One thing to remember is that almost no one stares down challenge and perseveres in the face of something that they don’t care about.  

You need passion to have grit. It’s impossible to dig in deep and keep trying if thing you’re going after doesn’t really matter to you.

If you find yourself lacking grit, first ask yourself if you’re lacking passion? If that’s the case, maybe you’re going after the wrong thing. (If you need help finding your passion check out this article, How to Find Your Calling, it may help!)

If you definitely have the passion for what you want, then you need to find the perseverance. When you have a combination of both, you’ve got grit, and grit will take you further than a higher IQ, more education, or better connections ever will.

Now let's talk about Growth Mindset.  Growth Mindset is a frame of mind in which a person believes that their abilities can be developed through hard work and learning. Brains and talent are just the beginning, a love of learning and resilience are the real keys to success.

The best part of growth mindset is that we are “forgiven” for mistakes we make. And it’s perfectly ok to go down the wrong path and have to turn back, all mistakes are in the spirit of learning and growing.

Once you look at your career or life this way you’ll never want to go back! And you will actually begin to experience greater levels of success and accomplishment as a result.

I hope you feel a sense of relief learning this, I know I did! Once you start looking at your career, your business, or your life through a growth mindset lense you will see more possibility. Likewise, if you have true passion for what you are pursuing, you will find the perseverance and that folks, is what we call grit.

Growth mindset and grit will determine your success! You have as much of those two characteristics as you could possibly want already within you. You already have the capability to use these traits  in your you just have to decide you want to :)

Thanks for reading