How to use visualization to achieve...well, anything!

Oprah Winfrey says, “Create the highest, grandest possible vision for your life, because you become what you believe.” Um, #truthbomb, anyone! I couldn’t agree more!


Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques you can employ in order to create the life, business, career, relationship...basically anything, that you want.


Scientists believe that we perceive real world experiences and imaginary images in the same way.  Whether you are actually sitting on a beach relaxing or just imagining yourself there, you will reap similar mental and physical benefits from the experience. This is why so many guided meditations involve envisioning yourself in a peaceful, happy or relaxing environment. Doing so stimulates your brain to respond and truly feel peace, happiness or relaxation.


This is an amazing concept that illustrates the power of the human mind!


Despite this, many people struggle with knowing where to start and what exactly they should do to reap the benefits of visualization. Or they stop themselves from believing they can get what they want, because they can’t yet see the steps they need to take in order to get there.


Is this you? If so, you’re not alone! Many people are not utilizing visualization or don’t know how. The good news is you can learn!


Here are a few suggestions that may help.

How about a vision board?

A vision board is simply a tool to remind you of the life or business you wish to create. It’s typically a poster board or cork board with images on it that represent your goals. Let’s say you want to be happily married with two children, live in a house with a white picket fence, vacation in Belize and write mystery novels. Well then I would expect to see images of all those things on your vision board! Remember that visualization is about what you see in your mind. Creating a vision board helps solidify those images for your eyes so your mind can expand upon them.


If you are using a vision board to create success in your business or career you may include images of awards you desire to win, dream clients you plan to work with or pictures of the office space you will create once you hit a monetary milestone on your vision board.


How about creating a digital vision board? It is 2017 after all! I recently started using pinterest to curate images that speak to me and my goals. It’s a very simple way to pull images together.  This method makes it easy to edit and swap out as you find more specific images that represent what you are dreaming of.


(If your curious, you can check out my digital vision board by visiting my Pinterest account, @ericagcraig)


Using pinterest, or even creating a separate “album” in your phone to house a digital vision board is a super easy, no excuses, way to get started!

Let’s get physical!

Studies have shown that using mental images that trigger you in a physical way are some of the most powerful and lasting ways to create change through the visualization process.


What does this mean?


Whatever the goal is for you, try actually “walking” through the physical steps needed to achieve this goal in your mind.


Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn, is widely known to use visualization techniques in a physical way. She pictures the ski slope in its exact form and mentally takes that run over and over again prior to the actual race. She goes so far as physically moving her body and shift her weight with her eyes closed as if she is cruising down the slope and crossing the finish line in record time.


Many athletes and performers of all types use this technique. And you can too! You don’t have to be a professional athlete or stage performer to benefit from physical visualization.


How can you use physical imagery to enhance your visualization practice?


It can be as simple as preparing for a salary negotiation with your boss. What would it be like if you spent time visualizing the physical motions of this meeting. Walking into the office, closing the door behind you and sitting in a chair in front of your boss. What will you be wearing, what will you say, what will she say? Imagine the physical motions you will make through that entire encounter. When the conversation ends (in the exact way you plan it to end, of course) how will you exit? Will you shake hands, will you walk out alone, together, etc.


Every detail of any situation can be created in your mind. Imagining a situation with physical movements is extremely powerful and something I highly recommend you try!

Use the power of “I am”.

We talked about the importance of visualizing a desired outcome and I shared a couple ways to get started. But here is the single most important component - you have to believe it to receive it!


I recently worked with a client whose dream is to be a writer. She spoke about what she wanted to write and how she wanted her life to be and what she would do once she completed her book.


She was motivated and had some pretty good visualization techniques going already! But, she was missing the most important thing, she didn’t believe she was a writer yet. She knew how to write and was doing it, but for her becoming a “real” writer would only be a reality once she had her book published.


That way of thinking is a sure fire way to manifest the exact opposite of what you want!


This client was subconsciously telling herself that she was NOT a writer, even though being a writer was her biggest dream and the single most important goal of her life and she was writing everyday in an effort to make it a reality. She. Is. A. Writer.


Try truly, unapologetically believing in yourself.


Use the power of “I am” when ever possible in your visualization practice or when speaking about or thinking about those dream ideas on your vision board. Once my client was able to say “I am a writer”, she became one. So simple, so subtle, so powerful, so true.


I believe with every ounce of my being that we are all here for a reason, that each person has a gift or talent that they need to share with the world. And I can tell you that if you haven’t found yours yet - get started! The rest of us need what you have to offer :)


I’m here to help. Leave a comment below, let me know what you are visualizing right now and if I can support you in any way!


You guys...I love writing for you! If just one person feels inspired or helped by this article I am completely satisfied and entirely grateful. If you know someone that would enjoy reading this, please share it.


Thanks for reading.