Want Career Happiness? Start by Adding These 3 Things to Your Desk!


Finding a purposeful, happy and satisfying career path is life changing! The thing is we don’t find it, we create it by taking action. (Even very small actions count!)


Happiness at work has become something that many people are quick to dismiss as unattainable.


It’s the story of the ole daily grind, the misery of the 9-5, hating your boss, working for the weekend and all those other thoughts and sayings that basically mean, work sucks but at least I get paid.


Well, I say, “hell no” to that! I truly believe that we all deserve to be happy with our work. That we can find or create jobs that we love and we can do work that matters to us and the world! (And in case it isn’t obvious,  I think we should!)


If you’re working hard to find, launch or grow in your dream career - good for you! If you aren’t there yet, then I have an amazing free resource you can download to help you get started.


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Either way, surrounding yourself with things that are proven to improve your mood, productivity and positive outlook while you work is a great place to start!


So here are the 3 things I suggest you add to your desk or work space right now to help promote career happiness :)


1 - Crystals

Yes! I’m loving crystals lately. Recently I had a discussion with my uncle, who is a successful geologist, about crystals. I wanted to know his professional opinion on whether or not crystals truly held energy and had healing powers. He gave me some scientific answer stating that crystals could not “omit” energy any more than a piece of wood or a regular old rock. After a lively debate I concluded that I disagreed and think they’re magic!


What was interesting was that we both could agree in the power of the mind to heal, manifest or will things to happen solely through the belief that something was aiding or supporting the process.


Long story short, his scientific response and my inutive beliefs are the same, if you think crystals can improve your mood, heal you, attract certain things or make you more productive, than they will. Simple as that!


The fact is for centuries people have believed that crystals, generated from the earth, contain certain healing properties. Crystals have been used in meditation, prayer, spiritual ceremonies, beauty products, and jewelry long before scientist were even weighing in on the practice.


No matter what you believe we can all agree that crystals are beautiful, and anytime I can add beauty to the place I work that’s a win for me!


Here are a few crystals I suggest you bring to work with you and what they’re said to do.


Crystal Quartz - Known as the master healer, this stone absorbs, stores and releases energy. It can amplify your energy, clear thoughts and enhance the energy of other stones nearby. It is often used in healing rooms to clear energy as well as in meditation to aide in a deeper sense of clarity. Try using crystal points on your desk. Point them away from you as you try to release negativity and direct the points toward you as you are trying to welcome new ideas and positive energy.

Citrine - This is a favorite of mine! A premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination, and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. There is also an associate with money or wealth and the belief that this stone draws financial abundance to you. Who doesn’t need more of that at work - or anywhere for that matter! Try keeping a piece nearby when trying to land a new client or when having a salary discussion.

Rose Quartz - Believed to attract love and promote harmony. Rose quartz is a good crystal for those who may be easily irritated or who, feel the stress of a heavy workload or the weight of the office politics. Meditating with a piece of rose quartz, placing it on your desk or just holding it in your hand can help you feel calming energy.  It may help you feel more compassionate and friendly towards even your most irritating co-workers!


2 - Plants

Like Crystals, plants are beautiful and there are so many varieties. Also like crystals, why not add some beauty to the place you work!


But it’s not just about looks, there are tons of health reasons to add plants to your desk or office. Based on several studies, the presence of potted plants has been found to be helpful in the workplace. Plants can lower blood pressure, improve reaction times, increase attentiveness, improve attendance, raise productivity, improve well-being, lower levels of anxiety, and raise job satisfaction.


My favorite (mostly because I usually kill office plants and this one is nearly indestructible) is the Peace Lily.


The Peace Lily also blooms indoors a couple times a year which is unusual for indoor plants. It’s one of the best plants for removing formaldehyde, as well as other toxins emitted by harsh cleaning products, making it a great office plant if your maintenance staff doesn’t use green cleaning products. This plant can handle low light and like I said is nearly indestructible for all my fellow black thumbs out there!


What more do you need to know! Grab a potted plant on your way into the office tomorrow! Already have a plant, buy one for your neighbor’s desk and start a movement :)


3 - Photos

A recent study from the University of Plymouth found that looking at photos of our loved ones resulted in positive feelings, a sense of calmness and a renewed focus. This is something that we can certainly benefit from during a hectic day at work.


Bring in some of your favorite family photos, or that great shot of you and your bestie to display proudly on your desk! And when you’re having a particularly stressful day, whip out your phone and take a 5 minute break to scroll through some old photos and bask in the happy glow you’ll feel!


Just don’t go lurking on social media! Looking at other people’s photos has the complete opposite effect! Only your own special memories will do the trick.


Work happiness can be attained! Adding the right combination of crystals, plants and photos to your desktop is one teeny, tiny step in the right direction to jumping out of bed and actually wanting to get to your office!

Thanks for reading!