Why People Quit Their Jobs and What to do Instead


Have you ever dreamed of walking away from your job, never to return?

Most of us have pondered the feeling of freedom that would come with saying enough already and moving on to the life of our dreams!

The reality is that the majority of people don’t actually quit their jobs in one fleeting moment, with no back up plan, and nothing else lined up.

Most people don’t walk away angry - in fact, leaving a job usually evokes thoughtful consideration, weighing out pros and cons, and coming to terms with what could be a tough decision.

A recent survey conducted by PayScale Inc, revealed the top 3 reasons that people leave their jobs.

1 - They want more money.

It doesn’t surprise me to see that the most important thing in determining whether or not to leave a job is money.

We all want to earn what we think we’re worth, and most of us feel we’re worth more than what we’re being paid.

While I agree that money is a super important aspect of our careers, sometimes leaving for more money comes at a cost. More money can bring a more demanding 9-5. Sometimes it means having to live in a place that you don’t really want to live in, or doing work that is taking you away from what you’re truly interested in doing. Have you ever heard of “Golden Handcuffs”?

Don’t get me wrong, I like money, and I want you to make as much as you can, but I also want you to experience a quality of life that allows you to enjoy the money you do have!

If you’re on the fence about leaving your job for more money, just remember that you have other options to explore, like asking for a raise (read this article for some amazing tips on How to Ask for a Raise) or budgeting and making the money you do earn go farther (check out this article for inspiration on How to  Stop Spending Money).

2 - They are unhappy with their organization

Now this is a reason to leave, most of the time…

If you’re unhappy with your organization and you’re thinking about quitting, you have a couple options.

One, you can pack your bags and move on, or two, you can try to impact change where you work.

You would be surprised how much a single person can influence the way things are done at a business or organization. If there is some part of you that feels passionate about the place you work, and know you’d be happier if some things were changed, then why not go ahead and try to change them, I bet your co-workers with thank you. (Feel like changing the world? Read this article on How to Make Corporate Less Corporate.)

That won’t work? Then get the heck out of there. Unhappiness has no place in your life for 40+ hours a week and that is reason enough to hit the bricks!

3 - They want to work somewhere that is aligned to their personal values

Years ago you would never see this statement on a list of the top reasons people quit their jobs.

Why? Because people are more recently becoming awake to the fact that we are whole individuals, and who we are and what we stand for at work, bleeds over to our personal lives.

The term “work-life balance” is being replaced by more modern terminology like “work-life integration”. This basically means, people don’t compartmentalize their lives anymore.

Think about technology’s role in creating an atmosphere where you can get a video of your kid on the soccer field, while you are in a conference room, or the text messages your husband can send you about what he’s planned for dinner. You can get a quick answer from your mom on what day she’s coming to visit again. We schedule doctor appointments while at work and  answer work emails while at home. It’s more blended now than ever.

With that comes the realization that we want to feel good at our jobs, and that work is a reflection of who we are. We want to know that the place we work does good things in the world and we want to be a part of that.

So much so, that people are willing to quit if they don’t feel their place of employment is aligned to their personal values and morals! (Check out Will doing Work that Matters Earn you more Money for an interesting take on the topic!)

If you resonate with any of the three reasons above and you are thinking you want to quit your job or try something new, then by all means, get to searching! Or if you are thinking you want to stay put a little longer, but need to explore your options, may I suggest a side hustle!

Pursuing your passion on the side, while still experiencing the security and consistency of your regular full time job is a great way to test the waters and see if leaving the 9-5 is the right option for you or not.

I love helping people create a plan to start or grow their side hustles while navigating a 9-5. If you think that could be an interesting option for you, then I have an incredible (and totally FREE) guide that will walk you through the steps, you can find more on that topic and a link to the free guide here, Start Your Side Hustle Already!

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you found some resources in this weeks article that will help you explore your options and make your decision easier!

And now I’d love to hear from you - leave a comment below and let me know if you were to quit your job, what the number one reason would be! And for all my side hustle people out there...what’s that thing you’ve always wanted to try or have been working on already? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading!