You'll Be Happy When...


After recently watching the Trolls movie with my family (yet again), I was reminded of something that seems so easy to forget - happiness is within us. All of us, all time, no matter what. And that it’s our decision to chose it when, or if, we want to.

I believe this to be true. Each and every one of us has the capacity and the capability to be happy.

It’s a choice we have to make.

It got me thinking about how often I hear people establish a rule, requirement, or prerequisite to their happiness. All those “I’ll be happy whens…” and “I’ll be happy ifs…” are crushing our true capacity for success and our ability to achieve. Not only to achieve happiness on a regular basis, but to achieve the things that we want in our lives, careers, and businesses.

You won’t be any happier when you have more money, or when you get the promotion you’ve been wanting, or when your husband remembers to close the cabinet doors after he is done getting what he needs (ok, that one might make me a little more happy!)

Yes, these are things that we want. Things that might even improve our lives or make us feel better in some way, but if we stop and think about it, we will see that we can choose to be happy right now… if we’d like to.

This week, I wanted to come at you with that reminder. Because we all need it sometimes, me included!

If you’re someone who’s been saying things to yourself like - I’ll enjoy swimming when I lose the baby weight, or I’ll finally feel financial secure when I get that raise, or I’ll love working in my business when I land that big client, or I’ll be happy when this house is clean - then you need to hear this message loud and clear.

Perhaps you already have everything you need to be happy with things just the way things are? Maybe you can be happy now?

Sure, each of us could think of hundreds of things that could improve our lives, careers, homes, relationships and more. Sure, achieving your goals and dreams is super important. Sure there might be a better version of yourself out there, but finding her is not going to necessarily make you happy.

Chase the things that matter to you and go forth boldly in your pursuit of them! I’m right here beside you chasing my own curiosities, goals and dreams. We can cheer each other on!

Just remember that if you seek happiness, the only time the sentence, “I’ll be happy when…” makes sense, is if you complete it by saying, “I’ll be happy when I realize happiness is my choice and that I possess everything I need to be happy right now.”

At least that’s the life I’m going to try and live this week, and I hope you can too.

Happy Trails my Friend.

Thanks for reading!